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Message from Superintendent Pons

Dear Friends,

The partnership between community and schools is a key component in the success of a public school system. In Leon County, we are fortunate to have great schools, talented and innovative principals, teachers and support staff, and a strong commitment from parents, citizens, and business partners. These key members of our team combine their efforts to ensure a quality education for our students. As your superintendent, I am committed to building upon these strengths and paving the way for new endeavors.

The schools and offices of the Leon County School District are staffed with talented employees at all levels. Principals and teachers hold the key to learning, but support staff plays a vital role in the safety, operation and maintenance of the learning environment. District staff continually supports schools and helps promote the best interests of students throughout our community. This team of dedicated professionals consistently strives to meet our primary goal of putting students first.

With all of us working together – students, parents, staff and community – we can continue to reach new heights and create a model education system for the rest of the country to follow. As your superintendent, I am committed to lead and facilitate this process. Let’s keep the good things going strong, take a fresh look at those that really aren’t working as well as we would like, and have the courage to envision different ways of doing them.

I am honored and excited to serve as your superintendent in this wonderful community of educators and citizens. Working together, we will do whatever it takes to meet the needs of all children and to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Jackie Pons
Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Jackie Pons
Leon County Schools

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