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Leon County Schools: District Administrators & Staff

**For a searchable LCS staff directory click here.

Leon County Schools Main Switchboard 487-7100
Superintendent's Office 487-7147
Jackie Pons, Superintendent of Leon County Schools 
Shelly Ruthstrom, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent487-7147
Marvin Henderson, Deputy Superintendent 487-7193
Scotty Crowe, Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning 487-7219
Barbara Wills, Assistant Superintendent, Professional and Community Services 487-7177
Department Chiefs  
John Hunkiar, Chief of Safety, Security and Emergency Management 487-7117
Merrill Wimberley, Chief Financial Officer487-7142
Livetra Paul, Supervisor Internal Auditor487-7278
Divisional Directors  
Michelle Gayle, Divisional Director, School Improvement and Instructional Technology 487-7855
Manny Joanos, Divisional Director, Food Services, Purchasing, Energy 617-1835
Bev Owens, Divisional Director, Special Schools and Programs, ESE487-7525
Randy Pridgeon, Divisional Director, Secondary Schools 487-7239
Kathleen Rodgers, Divisional Director, Intervention, Equity& Support Services 487-7306
Peggy Youngblood, Divisional Director, Elementary Schools 487-7106
Ronnie Youngblood, Divisional Director, Transportation, Warehouse, Maintenance 617-5917
Alan Cox, Divisional Director, Professional Standards 487-7184
Rocky Hanna, Divisional Director, Area III487-7125
Department Managers  
Danny Allbritton, Director II, Construction617-5900
Ricky Bell, Director II, Interdivisional Support Services487-7364
Bill Berlow, Project Manager, Policy and Planning 487-7240
Vi Dennis, Director II, Human Resources 487-7197
Gillian Gregory, Transitioning Testing & Evaluation487-5399
Martha Fletcher, Director, Early Childhood Programs 922-2099
Donna Harper, Director, Intern Placement & SES Tutoring 487-7851
Bruce Harrison, Coordinator, Exceptional Student Education 487-7160
Janet Heath, Coordinator, Risk Management Services487-7113
June Kail, Director, Purchasing488-1206
Dexter Martin, Director, Small Business Enterprise 922-0659
Betsy McCauley, Volunteer Program Specialist487-7801
Catie McRae, Director, Special Programs (FDLRS)487-2630
Michael Moore, Director II, Transportation 488-2636
Bill Nimmons, Director II, MIS / Technology and Information 487-7363
Jo Marie Olk, Director II, Staff Development487-7893
Chris Petley, Project Manager, Communications, Media, Website 487-7166
Steve Shelton, Director II, Maintenance617-1777
Carolyn Spooner, Director II, Title I413-0441
Cathy Reed, Director, Food Services 488-7426
Jo Wenger, Director II, Student Services488-2275
School Board  
Forrest Van Camp, Chair, SB District 1 668-3285
Dee Crumpler, SB District 2 942-0730
Maggie B. Lewis-Butler, Vice Chair, SB District 3 576-3308
Dee Dee Rasmussen, SB District 4 201-2929
Georgia M. "Joy" Bowen, SB District 5 575-5114
Carolyn Hinson, Assistant to the School Board487-7110

Please be aware that all communications including email sent to the Superintendent, School Board Members
or employees of the School District are considered public records per Florida Statute 119.

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