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LCSB Bookkeepers Site
The Purchasing Department has endeavored to compile a ready source of information for bookkeepers and district personnel to utilize as a reference in the performance of their daily activities. This site index listing is a dynamic source of information, that includes policies, procedures, forms and links that will be updated as changes are made available.




Purchasing Policy

Policy 6320




Contract Approval Authority Related to Purchasing

Policy 6320.01




Purchasing Cards

Policy 6424




Professional Service Agreements (PTSA)

Policy 6540

Procedure 6320.01



Internal Accounts

Policy 6610

Procedure 6610



Use of Facilities

Policy 7510

Procedure 7510A



Vending Machines

Policy 8540

Procedure 8540



Conflict of Interest

Policy 1129




Purchasing Form




Phone Quote Form (Excel)

Purchase is over $8,000.00 but less than $15,000.00



Purchase Requisition Form (Excel)

Purchase is over $25,000.00 and requires a Formal Bid



Application For Vendor Status
(PDF w/fields)

To add a vendor to the District vendor file



PTSA Document Template

Contract for professional and/or technical services with individuals that are not current or recent employees of the District



Sole Source/No Substitute Form (PDF)

A single or sole source item is a commodity or service for which an individual, or group of individuals, has the sole and exclusive right to manufacture and/or sell or provide, or a commodity which must be compatible with existing district equipment or operation.



Purchasing Card Request (Word)
Purchasing Card Request (PDF)

Request for issuance of a District purchasing card



Hotel Reservation PCard Authorization (Word w/fields)

Request for authorization of individual PCard for travel related expenses



Internal Account/Travel PCard  Application & Instructions (Word w/fields)

Request for Internal Account purchasing cards for travel related expenses ONLY



Internal Account Miscellaneous Expense Pcard
Application & Instructions (Word w/fields)

Request for Internal Account Pcard for miscellaneous expenses



Internal Account Pcard Check Out / Check In Log (Excel)

Form to log the users of Internal Pcard



Internal Account Card Requisition Form (Word)

To be used to obtain pre-approval of the internal account expense



Monthly Purchasing Card Journal Entry (Excel)

Form to track monthly purchasing card expenses



Monthly Purchasing Card Transaction Log (Word)

Form to track monthly purchasing card details



Cell Phone Request (PDF)

To request a new cellular phone/air card



Request for Use of Facilities (Word w/fields)
Request for Use of Facilities (PDF)

Contact Planning & Policy with any additional questions



Vending Services Agreement (Word w/fields)

Contract for on site vending services



Sam's Club Direct Cardholder Authorization (PDF)

Sam’s Club application for District use



Costco Wholesale Membership Application Procedure (PDF)

Instructions for Costco Wholesale Membership for District use



Expenditure Request Form (ERF)
This form is available via Liquid Office.

How to Trace Your Liquid Office Form

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